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it's CRAP is more or less a rock'n'roll band, of « musique de degustation » more precisely, born in Alsace (France) circa 2005. If we enjoy klezmer music and foreign army songs, truth is that our music is mainly inspired by french punk rock. Read the prologue to get familiar with the it's crap a bit more.


Recorded between April and July 2005, the second episode « Une énième chasse au dahut » is available for download right here (9 songs).


Recorded between Febrary and June 2005, the first episode « Le capitaine est triste » is available for download right here (12 songs).


All the ogg files availables on the website can be listened, played and redistributed, with no other restriction than to mention their origin (this website) if doable, in any non-commercial context or in a commercial context if all profits goes only to non-commercial entities. Refusal of this agreement implies strict application of copyright rules.

You can get in touch with us at the address nospm

If you like it's CRAP, check out un Singe en Hiver.

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