it's CRAP -- Prologue

February 2005: From the ashes of "Les Pictons Flingueurs", a short-lived (born in 2004) french usual punk rock band (bass, guitar, drums and vocals), came up the plan to record the tunes made so far with a better quality than rehearsal version That's what this crap is about - well, it's CRAP, that's the name of the band, believe it or not. The former singer of les pictons, Eglantine, is still singing. The former bass player, Mathieu, is still playing the bass guitar; however now he also plays the guitar and makes arrangements of the drum machine (which is a software called Hydrogen, as a matter of fact, less subtle than a real drum set but nice enough to get rythm', get a rock'n'roll feelin' in your bones).

In other words, with only two persons left, the gregarious part is dead and buried while the musical part is still alive - born to be alive? And it's CRAP is still inspired by rock bands like Tolbiac's Toads, 12°5, Ultima Thule, the Revillos, Endstufe, La Grande Sophie, Snix, Dover, No Doubt, Molodoļ, Plastic Gangsters, Camera Silens, les Sheriff, OTH, Jacques Brel, Machtoc et caetera.

So, what do we do, what do we play? As we started with pictons songs, we guess you could describe this music as rock'n'roll, punk rock, or even oi! music. But since we surely lack the attitude that makes such thing real, it would be best to describe it, more honestly, as « musique de degustation » (yes, it's French, we're both French, remember!?), which means this music is supposed to be listened while tasting white wine. For an improved experience, ask white wine from Alsace.

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